Month: September 2012

Old Flame???

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I met an old Client yesterday afternoon, we hadn’t had dealings with them for about 12 months then out of nowhere they asked for a meeting.  We actually parted company 12 months ago with all sorts of accusations flying backwards and forwards mostly fed from the Marketing and & Accounts people.  The folks who actually did the work understood all to well that the Client had been given a better offer from one of our competitors – so good luck and learn from the experience I say.

Since we parted company with them they have now integrated some of their bought-in services and are now a competitor themselves and they are doing well out of it – so again I say good luck and learn from the experience.

The key to their success is simple really; THEY DO WHAT THEY DO REALLY WELL AND STICK TO THE JOB!

A lesson to be learnt – so good luck and learn from the experience I say.

It seems however that all is not lost.  Whilst our old Client have taken their business around a number of our competitors I always stayed in touch and always kept the communication going.  No matter how I felt about not having their business I had to remind myself; THEY DO WHAT THEY DO REALLY WELL AND STICK TO THE JOB! – so good luck and I’ve learnt from the experience.  As it would be though it seems we still have something to offer that they (at present) cannot do for themselves so we will quote for the work and hope that our professionalism wins the day.



Why I Laugh.

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Just really liked this and wanted to share. Thank you for bringing me some happiness.

Passion For Truths

“I laugh … not because I lead a problem-free life.

Instead, I laugh because I remember … I STILL have the freedom to do so.”

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Get it Right!

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The nice thing about not planning is that failure comes as a complete surprise and is not preceded by a period of worry John Preston – Boston College

You’re going to have to be PASSIONATE

You’re going to have to take other people along with you SO LEARN HOW TO COMMUNICATE

Keep yourself fully aware of the obstacles THEY WILL BE THERE

Know what you need, know what you already have.

PEOPLE first; Strategy second, be HONEST, RELENTLESSLY PUSH

It would be like going on holiday without a destination or a road map.  You’ll get somewhere – anywhere – and you might even enjoy the view, but you don’t know where you are, so you wont be able to tell others about the place and you wont find your way back  Alan Sugar

Create meaning, engage with others (even the doom sayers), ignore your perceived restrictions (there aint any really), creat the positive, innovate and creat

What the customer wants

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A few years back I spent some time in India and one of the things I liked best was the food. It was a great deal less greasy than the typical Indian food we get back home.

It seems that the restaurants back home have learned to give the customer a version of Indian food in keeping with the lifestyle that most people lead and that generally means quick and greasy. There are also chips on the menu which I just didn’t get in India also made by frying. An Indian meal for a western way of life.

The thing is that a curry is now the nation’s favorite food. Indian restaurants have worked out how to give the impression of authentic Asian food matched to the customers needs.

The customer gets what the customer wants. The company gets what they want so both parties win.

December 5th 1955

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December 5th 1955

About a dozen people gathered to discuss what to do, they formed the Montgomery Improvement Association with Dr Martin Luther King Jr as their President. Inspired by Rosa Parks.

Holocaust Victim

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How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single minute before starting to improve the world 

Anne Frank 

If you believe something needs doing then do something. Be creative, enjoy what you do and get excited.

Trigger Point

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So whats the trigger point?

Get out and about; meet lots of people, you’ll some of them are interesting and if you’re lucky one or two will be inspirational.

Go to meetings and get to talk to the speakers, discuss your ideas with them and don’t be shy.

Test your self or play the game, try and see if you’re a dictator.