1855 Bordeaux

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For a very long time now wine has been my passion. Long holidays in the Loire Valley and Bordeaux surrounded by the vineyards I would help the locals for a few francs and the benefit of their knowledge and experience of the grape. I realize that many people would like know more and try something new but so often they fear wasting their money, or losing face or both. This is a shame as there’s so much to enjoy.

All you have to remember is that wine is like car’s. We all have our favorite, the one we dream of and then there’s the one we drive every day. Remember though that when car’s were first made they came in one colour – black. It took 200 years of development to get to the vast array of models available today. The same with wine but it took 1000’s of years.

As with life start small and develop, get the small things right and the bigger things will come that much easier. Speed of development is up to you but understand where you are, where you want to be and then how you’ve going to get there.


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