I’m Angry, Really Angry!!!

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Yesterday we had our ISO9000 audit and passed without a non-conformance. Well done you might say but it was not without some pain beforehand, the day before the operations team spent the day finding or making records. It was as if the clock had been turned back 15 years.

Of its self this is unimportant but it was the response of the director with functional responsibility that got me angry. His response was to give praise to the very person with direct responsibility for the records in the first place, the same person he had tasked with making the new (old) records. He overlooked those who had followed the system through the year without a problem, they simply didn’t count to him it was the person who had failed but worked hard at the cover up who got the praise! AMAZING!I thought.

Of course the manager was pleased with himself. So 1 person inspired to do the same again, failure rewarded to be repeated I’m sure this time next year. But what about the others who diligently followed the system through the year? They remain overlooked under inspired believing that effort just doesn’t count, inspired to repeat the failure of their colleague in an effort to get the recognition they deserve.

Is this inspiration? No I say!

Why must those who do what is right still have to fight for the recognition that is rightfully their’s? They don’t own the system, they are owned by the system.

The lack of courage of those in power burns me.



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