Machine Culture

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What do I mean by machine culture?

I mean that folks most DONT think for themselves.  They follow the rules, the lines, the system… They DONT create for themselves a world, a way of thinking that actually makes a difference to themselves.  They lead dull, boring, uninspired lives and when they get the sack, get ill, get shouted at, get it wrong they wonder WHY?  WHY ME? they say.

So if you dont want to be bored, be sad, be dull, be uninspiring then BREAK the RULES! afterall thats what they are there for arnt they?  Maybe not, but hey I just thought I’d suggest being creative.  Not in a destructive kind of way, more in a make things better than they used to be.  You neve know you might get noticed, you might improve the process, you might be REWARDED.

I’m not saying every rule should be broken, just the really pointless ones.  You know, the ones that get in the way of doing a GREAT JOB, giving GREAT SERVICE to your Clients, your Customers Clients, the people you work with, your boss, the cleaner… In-fact just about anybody who might be afected by your actions.

Dont be afraid and do get REWARDED.


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