Hard to believe

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What a day for hard to believe stories which are true.

First story:

I was at work today when I took a call from a Client who was having trouble not laughing. They have the contract for a new fence around Sellafield Nuclear Power Plant and we are doing the coating application as we did on the original fence. Now this old fence is being replaced and someone has decided to analyze the coating on the fence being taken down and decided it’s hazardous waste, I kid you not this is true.

Around Sellafield there are an extraordinary number of cancer clusters, loads of anecdotal evidence of leaks and it’s been built in a really difficult place to get to.

But someone is worried about some fully cured powder coating on an old fence.

I’ll bet they have a clipboard and a serious superiority complex.

If you are the person with the clipboard and you’re reading this please don’t be offended but also please give your head a shake and look at the radiation leaks first. They might just be a bit more important.

Second story

Police in Chorley a northern town in the UK have tasered a blind 61 year old man. I’m not kidding.

They mistook his white cane for a sword. Tasered him, handcuffed him and arrested him. He was heard to be shouting that he was blind.

I’ve seen armed police in the USA and they were frightening, I’ve seen armed police in France and they did the job and I’ve seen armed police in Israel and they were efficient. But arming police in the UK, I recommend they begin with the power to think first before giving them anything more dangerous than a stick and handcuffs.


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