Being happy is catching

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I smile, in fact I smile a lot, as much as I can. It makes me feel better, a lot better actually just by making the effort even if I don’t really have a reason to be happy. And when I’m happy things tend to get a lot better.
Better at work, better at home, better when I’m relaxing, better when I’m not, in fact just better, what can I say?
To illustrate;
A story about a wise old man.
One day an old man was sat outside his house which is about half way between 2 large towns when a traveling salesman came by. The salesman seemed unhappy complaining that the towns people from where he had just come from were all miserable and didn’t purchase any of his goods. He asked the old man what the people of the next town were like. The old man told him they were much the same and not to expect to sell so much. The salesman went on his way. Later that same day another salesman came by in a very happy mood, he sang out loud as he walked. When he saw the old man he stopped to talk and offer to share some of his food asking if the people of the next town were just as friendly as the last? In the last town he had sold all his goods and had to purchase more for his journey through the area. The old man said that the people of the next town were much the same as the last and he should expect to do well.
Later that day the first salesman came back having sold nothing but thanking the old man for his wisdom in telling him that the people were all miserable. He went on his way without stopping. The second happy salesman came by later that week and stopped by the old man’s home. He had brought a gift to thank him for his wise words. He had sold out again.
Is this the power of happiness I ask?


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