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Some time ago I was staying in Bezier, France when I met a couple who had 11 year old twin boys. One boy was miserable, everybody said so and the other really happy.

The father had tested it out when the twins were 10, he refused to believe that the miserable one was as sad as people said. On their birthday he gave the sad twin the best toys and games he could get. For the second happy twin he filled his room with horse dung.

On the morning of their birthday he waited outside the door of the sad twin and listened. All he could hear was grumbling,  the toys wouldn’t last, they’ll break, be soon out of date…

The father was disappointed with what he heard but accepted at last what he had been told so often by family and friends.

On the other hand however when he listened at the door of the happy twin he couldn’t believe his ears. He heard laughing and singing. He entered the room asking why his son was so happy and the boy replied he was looking for the horse that had left all the mess, with all the mess that had been left there must be one somewhere.

Of course the moral of the story is to look for the best and you’ll almost certainly be happy looking.


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