I Fail Ha Ha

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I fail at most things that I try at least once but I’m not certain that makes me bad at what I do.

When I was given my first management Job I had no experience to draw on, no guidance (it was a in at the deep end kind of thing…).  So I had a go and sure enough I made mistakes, plenty of them in fact.  I didn’t get things quite right, I mismanaged people, I spent more money than was budgeted for and plenty more I’m sure.  Nevermind I thought they havent sacked me yet so if I keep on going I’m sure I’ll learn how do it right eventually.  The key was learning.

The biggest mistake I made was not paying attention to my own research before buying a business out of administration.  It all looked okay at first, in fact it was a blast, the fun was endless (that’s if you can call 25 hour days and 8 day weeks fun, but I assure you I really, and I mean really enjoyed it).  For the first 10 months the business was doing well, over 50% of sales from sources the previous bust company hadn’t dealt with.  Success I think!!!!

No actually.

2 months later and company was bust again.  I had to go back to my original company (I kept my job there and they provided the funding out of cash) and see if I was still employed.  The response from the owner…

He sold the company to the 4 Directors, me included.

Success is what you decide it is and the only person you need to be a success is you.

I’m a kind of glass half full person.  But I know people who are glass half empty kind of people.  My response is why’s my glass half empty?  In fact is this my glass?  I thought my glass was bigger than that and fuller, where’s my glass?


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