Secret Yesterday

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Yesterday I was in a meeting with some people who indirectly are the clients of my company on a very secret project. We’ve been working on the project for about 6 months now without any real guidance from the client but yesterday they came to see how we were getting on.

To my surprise they had a quality standard which we were supposed to be working to. Now this was a real surprise because half the job has been completed and the rest is supposed to be finished by early 2013. A joke I think but no, not a joke, I still managed a small laugh to myself through. Of course they were less than pleased that we didn’t have the standard but we passed the audit all the same, good job really it’s a big job half done and they’ll be the ones footing the bill if it isn’t right.

Early on in my management learning I was taught Plan Do Check Act. Simple but effective and easy to recall. Our client seemed to not have learned this and decided on Do Check Plan Act. 

Success is a simple formula, know where you are, know where you want to be, know how to get there and do what you need to do. Plan Do Check Act.


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