The Price should be FREE!!!

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I was watching some TV this morning, like most mornings actually before I set out for work and Micheal O’Leary was being interviewed.

Now its very common for Mr. O’Leary to be the butt of many a joke about service, cost if the passenger turns up late, without the print out and with extra bags… but actually he made a really good case for his airline.  Of course he was abrupt, to the point and a little bit rude.  Unappologetic for what he offers which he summed up as really cheap fairs, better than the competition, any competition and with the best on time delivery of the service. And hey he aint wrong you know.

You can if you like travel by BA or Lufthansa… and pay €500.00 for a service that Ryanair deliver at a 10th of the cost.  So dont be too upset if you break his simple rules and get an extra charge, Ryanair is probably still the lowest cost you’re gonna get offered.

Intersetingly he got talking about price which lets face it is the driver for his business model. He’d like to do air fair’s at €1 yes thats right €1.  He’d make his money out of the other services provided.  No big deal there but he dared to say it on national TV.  Brave? perhaps, Innovative? definately.

Perhaps we should all adopt his spirit of innovation and find innovative ways of funding our business’.

In a recent article in Food & Drink News about my business (I got it for free so long as I gave them a list of suppliers) I made the point that I’m trying to move bakers from old release coating technologies to what we offer.  We give them a cleaner, more reliable surface to bake on.  It cause less pollution and requires much less maintenance.  Overall its a quarter of the cost.  The big problem?  The up front cost is higher.  Our solution offer the baker our high quality, long lasting coating solutions and allow them to make small frequent payments so that they can own and enjoy the benefits long life grease free coatings at the same cost as the old, dirty, high maintenance coatings they previously had.

innovation of service, improvement in the service offering, flexibility in price… these are the reasons why Ryanair and also my business as well as many others are successful.  You just got to be creative in approaching how you leverage your service offering.

Good luck with the creative thinking, creative planning and creative doing.


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