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I got a really loving text message from my wife yesterday saying she’d got tickets for us to go and see the Bat-Shiva  Dance Company and Ensemble in Salford, UK this coming Saturday.  Naturally I was really happy; I love dance, I really love live dance and Bat-Shiva are world-renowned – result!

Later yesterday evening I decided to look up the performance on the Lowry website and was shocked to find that there had been protests at their Edinburgh performance.  I dig a bit deeper and guess what? The known protesters are not Arabs but are those whiney types so distraught about ‘Palestine’.  Remember Palestine in a construct of the UN, not a sovereign nation but a notion of a group of people.

The protests are nothing to do with Art – so please stop with the noise of hatred, let those of us who can appreciate the dedication and art of the dancers get on with our enjoyment.  Your chants of hate are not wanted, warranted and definitely achieve nothing.  If you really want to affect peace in the Mid.East then protest the flotillas arming Hamas with guns, bombs and rockets, but most certainly not food and medicine.  I’m sure that the hate and outright racist jew hating outrages of the protesters are not how most people feel.

We’d all benefit from peace in the Mid.East, none more so than the Israelis so work toward peace.  Work at convincing those Arabs more intent on destruction of Israel than creating a home land to put down the weapons, stop with the kidnappings and try to get back to the point they got to at Camp David.  They threw away an opportunity for self-determination; unforgivable really, the ‘Palastinians’ were conned by the very people they trusted to lead them, and still are as far as I can see.

I’ve visited Israel, also been to East Jerusalem and the West Bank.  The place is a beautiful place, the people generally friendly although I was subjected to abuse by some, a minority, of Arabs.

Hatred, racism and anti-Semitism is not the route to peace and consolidation.

Let Bat-Shiva dance, let the audience enjoy the dance, go home and be grateful for life you live.

It’s insane to think that shouting out at a dance performance will actually achieve anything positive so stop doing it, it doesn’t work.

Check out the MEP; My Favorite Enemy.  Perhaps we can live together?


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