Later on I’ll do well…

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If you are one of those really bright sparks who’s going a long way then…

  1. You probably have some sort of plan for your career; let your boss know what it is, make sure he/she adapts, changes, amends your role so you can follow it.
  2. Get yourself introduced to the CEO, MD, Big Boss.  Be around them as much as you can.
  3. Finished your task, project, job? Dont go and ask for more of the same, you might just get it.  Go and find your own pet project, keep it secret but not too secret and make sure its a success.
  4. Beat the deadline.
  5. If your boss is micromanaging you at work then go home and work from there.  Tell him/her to stop.
  6. Get a second job, volunteer, use the free time, no I didn’t say your time but that time given to you to do a project that become spare by beating the deadline.
  7. Find the hard things to do, perhaps those things you don’t know how to do and do them.  Get the training, stretch your skills, learn new things.
  8. Talk about what you’ve done, talk to the boss, talk to their boss and talk to your boss’ boss.
  9. Every now and then go out on a limb.  Give a training session that wasnt planned in detail, take a risk, go and see a client…

You don’t have to do the above.

You don’t have to try, especially if you’re one of those people who are naturally, insanely talented.

But if you’re not and you don’t then you can only blame yourself.


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