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Do you…..

  1. Press the close button when you get in a lift
  2. You fiddle about when on a telephone conference
  3. You go and find something else to do when waiting for the microwave to ping
  4. You use your phone, fiddle with the radio, mess with the car controls when driving
  5. You get frustrated in traffic after 30 seconds of waiting
  6. You do something else while brushing your teeth
  7. You get excited by catching a plane
  8. You interrupt people who are talking to you, regularly that is
  9. You cannot wait for your computer to boot-up in the morning so you don’t bother to turn it off
  10. You eat at your desk and catch-up on e.mail or phone calls

Then you are FANTASTIC.


You wont get promoted, you’ll be the last person to be promoted, you wont be  paid more, thought of any better, given any perks.

You will get more work to do, overlooked, taken for granted, to stay late (often), treated like fixtures and fittings, taken for granted.

But then again YOU ARE FANTASTIC! Your job is secure (you think).

You need to delegate, show you can think big in fact you need to think really BIG, you have to adapt.

Delegate, lose control, free wheel, get it wrong.  Give people with less experience, less ability and less skills than you the chance to screw it up.  And then take responsibility for the screw-up.  It isn’t comfortable but it sure is liberating and it’ll get you noticed.  You’ll have to train, teach, coach, mentor, in short you’ll have to manage, supervise, take control of the planning, thinking, strategic part of the job but stop the doing part of the job.

Make some space to think, turn off from work sometimes (it is allowed), stop fighting alligators and get on with draining the swamp.  It’s important to remember that promotions don’t often come because you were good at your job, but that you showed some potential to do the next job.  Stand back from the day-to-day, create an environment where you can think about how you want all those other people to do the things you used to do.  Others will grow and you will be responsible for their growth; their success becomes your success.

Then and only then you really are FANTASTIC!


One thought on “YOU ARE FANTASTIC!

    Vickie said:
    November 2, 2012 at 16:16

    Promotion in these dire times? I would think one would be lucky just to keep their job.

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