They were Fantastic!

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As a young man, (child actually), I was 17 years old at the time, I was an artist and a dancer.  In fact I was going to turn professional as a dancer, yes I was good enough.  I was never going to be a Principle but a dancer never-the-less and I was looking forward to it until I had a serious accident.  I broke several bones and dislocated a few limbs, I was later attacked by thugs in a knife attack (I bear the scars today); it took a year to recover by which time my chance had passed.

I was sad.

Then I was relieved, I was free to live the rest of my life.

The experience taught me many things:

  1. To know that today is the beginning of the rest of my life, this is where it starts
  2. That what has gone before is important but not so important that the future need never happen because of it
  3. That friends are important, very important
  4. That strangers are important, very important
  5. That as doors close and room becomes darker that the brightness of the light in the distance becomes ever more clearer

I knew many who went on to become dancers.  Dedicated, Fantastic, Hard Working, Creative, Self-less, Talented, Dancers.

To these people I hope that they continue to dance today even if its to the music of the radio with their children, partners, parents, loved ones.  That they perform, make people happy, enthralled, fill them with wonder.

This weekend I watched Bat-Sheva Dance Ensemble.  The average age of the dancers is 20 years.  They are young yes, talented yes, inspiring yes but most of all they made me happy.



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