Make a round hole or….

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Persistence is often presented as a virtue, I present it as a virtue normally but…

If by persistence what you are saying is keep on going, it’ll be alright in the end, you’ll win out eventually, failure in some way gives you merit then I’m sad to tell you that you are wrong!  This is just plain crazy.

If however, what you mean is you try something, anything, it doesn’t work so you learn from the experience and try something else, something new then you are creative, intelligent, aspirational and probably likely to win out in the end.

I applaud you!

Now think about your team and persistence;

  1. Is it firing on all cylinders?
  2. Does moral seem low?
  3. Is performance up and down (but more down)?
  4. In short, it’s just not quite working?

Well…. do you need a reshuffle, a change of faces, new jobs for new people?  Have you got round pegs in square holes?

Take your time, make some round pegs or go and find some square holes.

Why do it?  Perhaps the market has changed and your team has been left behind, no longer fit for purpose you could say.  Start-up teams, new teams tend to be entrepreneurial, they’ve got energy, spark, take risks (but you better manage that bit) and you just need that old spark back.  You’re gonna have to talk to your stakeholders, uncomfortable to hear the truth I know because it’s your team, a reflection of you, the tasks you set and the success you demand.  You are gonna have to make it clear you want some feedback to improve the service delivery and could they give you a clue what they expect and how you might achieve it.

You are going to need to do a team assessment.  Spread of skills, availability of skills, enough skills, appropriate skills.  Are they achieving what they are asked to achieve?  Is the team cohesive?  Teams which arn’t cohesive don’t achieve, FACT!  That doesn’t mean the team should function without tension, without a minority view to challenge the accepted.

Can you develop the existing team?; no need to re-invent the wheel.  Talk to the members individually and collectively, they might have the answer, they might just be sparked back into life.

Are they in the right role… round pegs, square holes.  Has the talent migrated, shifted, changed.  who exercises the power, no not the formal power I mean the real power, who’s the scary one?  Get them, get the team.  Stretch the team, move people out and demand the same, no more work, better results.  You will get it.  Do it for the right reasons so make sure the team knows why, be transparent, understanding, fair in process and decision.

Look forward, look for team players, you know the ones capable of learning and more importantly apply new skills, capabilities, who take responsibility.  Make sure that one of those skills is giving feedback, to you, the team, themselves.  Focus on the future, whats going to come, whats known, whats not known.  Forget the car wreck that’s just gone, that’s yesterday, in the past, gone, not here now.  But praise the contribution of the past team.

Do… say you are rebuilding the team to deliver the best performance, SAY IT LOUD & OFTEN.

Dont… say that this is year zero and you are all going to have to prove  your worth a spot on the team.



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