You are an Advert

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Cynics – not in my team, not in your team; not true!  We all have them to put up with in our teams.

You are going to have to be open with your team, yes open, really open, transparent (that word again!!!!).  Cynics are fueled by half-truths, rumours so cut off the fuel, stop them from feeding, starve them.  Then when they get really irritating, say in a meeting or a group discussion, IGNORE THEM, do not give them the chance to spill their negativity & contaminate the meeting.  Give them less or no attention, move your attention to those who make a positive contribution, if for no other reason than it’ll get them going, get them annoyed.

Keep your team busy, so busy that they havent got time to listen to the cynics.  People are much more likely to meet a challenge head on and succeed if they’re optimistic of success, give them the responsibility for overcoming the challenge and watch them go.

Stay to the facts.  Know the facts, you’re gonna need them when answering those pesky cynics.  Invite them to air their views then crush them one by one.  enlist others in your team to do the same, stay positive, counter the sneering nay sayers, counter every comment with a positive response, with constructive suggestions.  Plan in the quick wins, not too many though you need some more later on, the cynic can’t warn that things wont work if they already are!

Face up to them, meet them privately, confront them with their negative, get in the way, don’t move forward, backward looking attitudes and opinions; and remember it is opinion not the facts as you know them to be.  You never know, sometimes there’s nothing like a little straight talking to get the inner optimist working, even the inner optimist of a cynic.

Go and sit, work with your team.  Get in amongst them and don’t allow that cynic to lower the mood, be on it, on them, on the negativity.  Show obvious favour to the optimist, value their contribution, give them opportunities to shine, to be challenged, to show their skills, to improve their skills and don’t be ashamed to say why you chose them.

You are the advert to your team for positivity!

You are the advert to your team for that we can do it attitude!



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