You Think Too Much

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We all have a little voice in our heads saying don’t do it, stop, no don’t take the risk, it’s not worth it.  We all have ’em even you.

Well… Taking risks is taking responsibility.

So how are you gonna sharpen up, how are you gonna learn to take risks?

  1. Try (impossible this one actually but have a go anyway) to not think too much.  Hesitating will only convince you not to do it, whatever it is.  So, jump right in, get on with it, don’t think so much.  The best way to get into a hot bath or a cold swimming pool… yes that’s right jump ring in, no hesitation.
  2. When you do jump, go for it, both feet and no peeking, if you shoot yourself in the foot then ask for another bullet.
  3. Come right out with it if it’s asking for something.  DONT ASK, DONT GET! You’ll be appreciated for being straight.
  4. You are gonna have to get your head around failure.  Think of failure as an opportunity to learn through reflecting on what went wrong.  If it doesn’t work out quite right figure out why.  And next time change your approach.
  5. Believe in yourself, that your opinion matters just as much as the next persons does.
  6. What do you want?  Focus on this and less on how you’re gonna look.  Cause you’re gonna look stupid at some point and you might as well look stupid doing and having what you actually want.
  7. Facts not Feelings.  Assumptions are gonna get in the way so concentrate on the facts, especially the unbelievable ones not if you think there might be a problem.
  8. Practice makes perfect.  And so it is with risk taking.  You’re gonna have to get good at it and this comes with practice, so practice taking risks.
  9. What have you honestly got to lose?  What?  Anything?  Maybe a bit of ego but hey what are you gonna gain?
  10. Be first, go first, jump right in before anybody else, be greedy, have a go.  Have the courage to experience it first!
  11. Word of warning (not like me this bit).  Take responsible risks.  Pursue healthy goals.  Always!

Make these practices part of your everyday lifestyle and you will be more powerful, more fulfilled, more respected.

Seize the Day, wake up, pay attention now, don’t spend one more moment in the fug.  That’s a lot of action stuff and no real purpose so direct your actions at your goals.  Always.

Every single day you are gonna have to reset your goals, intentions, needs.

  1. Every day you are going to have to look out for the lessons that life will teach you.  Be observant they will hide from you.
  2. Be there for others.  Exercise integrity.  Integrity – doing the right thing when nobody is looking.
  3. Be prepared to love yourself.
  4. Every action must be weighed against your goals.  Ask, is what I am doing taking me nearer or further away from my goals?  The answer by the way should be Yes, nearer.

Start your day off in the conscious knowledge that you are all there (not partially there going through the motions and feeling sorry for yourself).  Look at the day as an opportunity to move towards your dream, your goal, your ultimate aim.  then at the end of each day ask yourself and answer honestly, when I seized the day did it turn around a bit me or did it deliver?

You think too much, so when you think make it count.


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