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I like cycling, in fact I like cycling a lot.

Not on the roads that’s too dangerous.  I used to but I was knocked off my bike, suffered a broken leg and concussion.  The driver even tried to drive off without seeing if I was okay or not.  Luckily I got his car registration number, he saw me write it down (to this day I don’t know how I had the presence of mind to pull a piece of paper and a pen out of my coat and write the details down, must have been a self-preservation instinct kind of thing) and came back.  He was less than pleased but a year later I was compensated.

I have a spinning bike in the spare bedroom which I use 4 times a week (well mostly 4 times per week anyway).  Last night, as normal I did 25 km in a shade over half an hour and that includes the slow start-up.  The night goes a little like:

  1. Change in lycra, not because I like lycra but for the padded shorts; those cycling seats can be awful uncomfortable sometimes.
  2. Do some very basic, and never enough, stretches
  3. Get on the bike and start slowly, always!
  4. Depending on the months regime cycle 25 km.
  5. After the first 6 or 7 km I really start to speed along and sweat.
  6. Get-off and shower.
  7. Food, now this is tricky because I never want very much after exercise but my wife may have planned a meal, normally too much.  I’m sure you understand the dilemma.


Longest distance cycled:  60 km in about 90 minutes

Top speed:  62 km/hour, I count this because I held the speed for over 60 seconds

Best average speed:  48.5 km/hour, measure over a 60 minute ride

Now I don’t cycle because I want to set records, I never will, it’s not about the stats really, but I do enjoy the challenge, the feeling it gives me, and the solitude.  Its my time to think, to listen to music I wouldn’t subject on my family (I do have some peculiar tastes).  I do sometimes imagine that I’m racing against somebody (normally someone who’s got on my nerves and I havent found the time to deal with them yet).  I go; slightly open-mouthed, sweat dripping from my nose, chin and in my eyes, feet stamping on the peddles and the computer beeping away with the ongoing statistical read-out.  My shirt and cap slowly darkening in colour and I’m a winner; in my head that is.

We all need time to think, to clear-out the day’s muddles… everybody, you, me, everybody!  Thinking time is good, you solve those problems that you were too close to, in the middle of, got no time to deal with it now kind of problems.  You know the sort… the screamers, the emergencies, the must do now types.

Good managers manage.  They make sure that they say what they are going to do and then do it.  Plan, Do, Check & Act.    Managers are about efficiency & effectiveness.  Leaders however, they break the rules but in breaking the rules they find new, different, better ways of doing things.  But leaders have to think, reflect, take-in the outcomes.  Leaders really do need time to think!  Leaders are about improvement,  if its working okay, break it and see if it can be done better.

I hope one day (next year actually) to return to the road.  I’m think that I’ll cycle from Lands End to John O’Grotes, UK.  About 1600 km so maybe 9 days in all.  This is my hope, my dream amongst others for 2013.

I say a hope and dream but actually it will happen.  I know it will!  That’s not confidence speaking (although I am confident), its my force of will.  Think good things and they will come true.  But be clear in what you will to happen, be clear on the detail.  Relax, think what you want and then go for it.  It may take some time, and it may come as a surprise but it will happen.

I’ll see you at the end when I’ve achieved!


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