The Human Spirit is not Static

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Promote your most dynamic, the ones who have gained familiarity especially the ones who gain it quickly.  Promote them, promote them quickly, promote them now, especially now when the economic situation appears difficult.  They will be stars, your stars and like stars some will shine brightly and some will burn out quickly but promote them you must.

Look for those who have a relaxed charm, lucidity, an easy unfazed communicator, because communication is central to what you do, what you make, how you serve, in short your business.  Communication is key, the only thing that actually matters in the end.  They should be cool, the cooler the better, self-assuredness is good, its darn good actually because people listen and if they’re a great communicator…. you get the idea.

They are gonna have to be able to think quickly, and if at all possible they should be witty too.  A bit of humour will make a good impression, keep people listening, get their attention.  Be witty means that what they are communicating will be listened to and if they’re a great communicator…. you get the idea.

If the person is young (and they will be I assure you) you are gonna have to give them a jolt, a shot of reality.  They are going to be think to themselves they are indestructible… well they aint and its your responsibility, duty even to jolt them and make sure they keep it real.  These guys are going to be telling your story, making sure that the world knows what you have to say, what you have to sell, the product you offer, the service you provide and they are gonna have to communicate, be listened to.  Being down to earth will mean that they communicate the truth and communicating the truth is important, they are going to be listened to and if they’re a great communicator…. you get the idea.

You cannot under-estimate the power of communication and if you have great communicators in your team they are going to communicate.  So you must, absolutely must make sure they communicate truthfully and accurately.  that they communicate the vision, the mission and that they communicate what you are good at, great at, really great at.  They should be stars, shine bright and have some longevity but they should also have breadth, be able to communicate your offering across a range.  Intuition, look for this, important this.  Life experience, look for this, valuable this.

What should they be communicating:

  1. They should be able to persuade your potential customers and employees that you can be trusted
  2. They should be able to present the plans as better alternatives to your competition
  3. They should be able to help guide the organisation
  4. They should be able to prove they are clever with great communication skills

If people can’t trust the integrity of your organisation, then regardless of how great a product or service you have to offer, they wont do business with you.

The Human Spirit is not Static so pick your stars well and often.


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