The Drama of Work!

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Although I work in a manufacturing and processing environment my work is never-the-less emotional.  How could it be anything but?  It has no profound relationship to the events of my life outside of work, but the emotions I feel can and often do reflect the emotional currents of my life, they spill over.  I try to work at some point every day, because it can be a refuge from those every day emotions.

When you are going through a broken love affair, the death of somebody close, or some other disorder in your life, then you need a refuge, mine is work.  However, when desperation comes of a near-catastrophic nature then you are paralyzed, even at work.

Because it is important, if my work is interrupted I’m like a raging ocean, tall, unruly and tempered.  It angers me so.  You see work is emotional, its dramatic.

When you are at work you are a parody of yourself, even though you feel the emotional pull and pull again of the days events.  You can only afford to ever show just part of yourself, you are an actor acting the part you play at work.  You go to work and get the habit, you stay on as it were.  You have formed an emotional tie the work itself, the people, those acting their part in the play of work, you are bonded to them, bonded to the work.

Work is a drama, a tragedy, thriller, comedy… and you play but a small part in the production.

My advice to those young managers and leaders:  don’t bore your work colleagues!  I mean even if you have to resort to totally arbitrary instructions, or pointless tasks, at least keep your team awake, captivated.  Just keep on going any way you can.  The work, the show must and will go on.  Be a part of it, aim to play the principle whenever you get the chance!


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