Actions & Doctrines

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Actions and doctrines must show some coherence, you must never abandon your principles for the prospect of temporary gain. This is true in business as it is in life generally. Friendship will always outweigh diplomacy, it will outweigh strategy and it will outweigh straightforward commercial offers, now, then and afterwards.

So what am I actually saying here?

Well simple really, make friends. Make friends socially, in business, in politics, in fact any time you get the chance make friends. They will come in handy and they will be supportive I guarantee. Friends make the deal right, they make it happen and they make it easier, I guarantee.

Your actions should, no must be such that they can, will, do foster friendship. Your doctrines should, must be based on developing, fostering and keeping friendships. This is the only way you can get to a happy agreement. The only way, I guarantee. This is sustainable, long lived, future proofed and will if you work at it will bring prosperity, benefit to both, all concerned, I guarantee.

So coherence, what’s that all about?

Well if you’re applying this in the workplace, in your business you will have policies for how you conduct business. If you don’t then you need some, soon, I mean real quick, like right away. Your policy should say what you are gonna do and how. So this should be reflected in your actions. Now if it doesn’t then sooner or later (I suggest sooner is going to be the case) you are going to put out the wrong message, and that’s just confusing. Worse still you won’t be encouraging friendship, and that’s gonna cost, time, money and then some. I guarantee.

Actions & Doctrines make them coherent.


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