Politics-Press-Banks; Secret State!

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Watching the UK Ch. 4 drama Secret State last night I was struck by the apparently freely open relationship between the PM and a journalist.  Far fetched?  Perhaps, but I can’t help thinking I’ve seen this story some where before.  Perhaps its something to do with the Levison report being published today. Or am I just a cynic?

I then read that Barclays have sacked 5 staff over LIBOR manipulation.  But… what about Bob Diamond? should he have been allowed to part on terms or like most folks sacked as well?

So that’s:

Politics – expenses

Press – intrusions

Banking – cheating

Secret State may have been a drama for TV but how often does fiction mimic real life?  Spooky I know.

I’d like to make a suggestion at this point.  The truth wont come out, we, the public, the every day Joe’s will NEVER know how things are really done.  But, and this is important, we don’t want to know either!  Everybody wants the Banks to do well, we can all benefit from that, yeah? Most people don’t pick-up a paper or read the latest on the internet and turn away, no they read on.  After all they’re celebrities are in the public eye so its okay yeah? And, nobody ever thinks that politicians are under paid but they are just like most people, given the opportunity they’ll do the best deal for themselves, yeah?

My suggestion is this, politicians earn plenty, but housing in London is a problem so provide accommodation free for those that need it.  I don’t mean give them an expenses allowance, I mean provide the house, apartment, room that is needed and when the MP is replaced give it to the next one to use.  Pay MP’s well, it will attract the brightest minds then.  High pay isn’t a motivator, but low pay (perceived anyway) sure is!  Perhaps a stay in some sort of Local Authority run housing will focus the minds of those making the decisions?

My suggestion is this, private life is private, even if they are public figures so leave what’s private alone and go for something really news worthy.  The general public is actually intelligent and they only read what’s there to read.  Perhaps a truly independent overseeing commission with powers to remove Editors, Staff and Publishers and/or to levy really heavy fines and award compensation might just focus the minds of those deciding to publish?

My suggestion is this, banks deal with money, measure performance in money, see the solution to any problem as an expression of money.  Banks lend money, provide a place to save money, sell financial products to guard against risk and gamble money.  Split them up!  Lending/Saving Bank, Financial Products Bank, Gambling Bank.  And if they are insolvent, LET THEM GO BUST!  It’s a business just like any other.  Perhaps the prospect of real failure, you know the kind where you actually do lose everything might just focus the minds of those making those decisions with somebody elses money?

Now you might think I’m some kind of raving lefty and you’re entitled to your opinion, I don’t know where or how I’d describe myself on that kind of a spectrum.  But all I’d actually really like to know I can lead my life in relative safety knowing that those who want to be in control are in control and that they can control.  I don’t need the detail, I’m not an expert, never will be, but the rules need to be set.  The true failing is not the behavior of politicians, press and bankers it’s actually the rule makers who made the wrong rules and then didn’t enforce them.


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