Cycle-2 lost & found

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As usual I cycled tonight, 30 km. I had a headache so the exercise did me good, 40 minutes and no more pain. Always works without fail. Anyway I cycled and had plenty of time to think, that’s what I do when I cycle, think, think a lot, about stuff, lots of stuff. Work stuff,  home stuff, you know any old stuff, the kind that comes to mind in random thoughts.

As I was thinking I started to rummage around at the back of my mind, the old bits, the bits that don’t get thought about. Not even not often, just not at all thought about. Does you good you know thinking about stuff that is stored away in your very own lost and found storage area. It’s not like it’s stuff that needs to be forgotten about, it’s just the stuff that happened a long time ago. You just don’t think it matters any longer. You know, childhood stuff, young person stuff.

Anyway I was cycling away thinking random things when I realized the importance of this really old stuff, memories long forgotten. It dawned on me that these thoughts, experiences are what I essentially am. The physical bits, they come and go, it’s the things you do, experience, remember, dream about, these are what you are. Its kind of spiritual without the spirit stuff. 

We all leave a footprint, a lasting impression and some of that impression is in our own memories. Don’t forget that what we experience, what we remember, what we feel, that is how we format our view of the world. That is our world view. 

Now important thing this world view because it absolutely dictates how we think, act and remember our experience.

So if you approach life in a positive mind generally you will have a positive experience. 

I cycled tonight and I had a headache. I knew from experience that I would think and that the headache would go. I was correct of course.

I rummaged around in my lost and found, and found the person I was but deep down I still am. 


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