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Here’s some really cool stuff that just gets me going.

  1. Boys keep swinging: David Bowie. Now this is the best song the world has ever heard. It’s the song that set my imagination free, free from convention, free to think, free from limits set by those who professed to be teachers. On first hearing this song I knew it was okay to be the person I wanted to be, to be me just because I could. It was okay to wear makeup, to dress up, to dance, to paint, to like boys or girls, it was just okay to be. Love this song and love the creativity of David Bowie, so many songs I could include but I’ll stick to one.
  2. Florence, what a city! This place is totally awesome. Any lover of art can die happy if they’ve been to Florence, so don’t wait book the flight, hotel and everything else and get going, you will not be disappointed I absolutely promise.
  3. French Wine, especially from Bordeaux. The best thing the French did, do, make is wine. They just do it so well. They just know how to grow it, pick it, press it, mature it, blend it, barrel it, store it, bottle it…. I’m sure you get the picture.
  4. Cycling, now this can be awfully dangerous on the British roads (ask Bradley Wiggins he’ll tell you how it is). I used to be a mountain bike nut but I’m a bit old for all that down hill a break neck pace now so I stick to my spinning bike. Nice and safe and the bathroom is right across the landing. Oh and no punctures either, bonus.
  5. Coffee, apart from wine the best drink in the world, no argument. Such a diverse range to choose from as well, brilliant.
  6. Europe, has to be the most diverse continent. From frozen waste lands to over-populated cities to baking sunshine it’s got it all and most of it you can get to by train if you like.
  7. Night time. This is the time to party do I have to say any more?
  8. Summertime. The very best time of year. Sun’s out and I can chill in the park. Fresh air without the hassle of winter clothing. Wow I just love the summer.
  9. Gurnica 1937 the best painting ever. The sentiment and feeling are just so relevant then, now and probably in the future.
  10. Bladerunner what a film. Watch the movie it’s all about mortality I want say anything more.
  11. India; a totally unique, special, enchanting, mystical place. I cannot recommend enough taking time out to visit India. I don’t mean in star rated hotels, I mean the real India, trust the locals they will confound, nothing will be on time but you will (only if you lose yourself that is) find people who are just so beautiful, not just physically either. Go!
  12. Tom Peters, world’s best mgmt guru. No argument, he just is.

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