Even more really cool stuff

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This is the third of 4 lists of cool stuff (well what I think is really cool stuff anyway), so here we go again:

  1. Forbidden Colours; David Sylvian, yes I’ve started with a song again.  Music is at the heart, the very essential beat of my life.  I surround myself with music whenever and however I can (probably because I can’t sing a note in tune or play any instrument I am forever in awe of those who can).  This song is so damned beautiful it hurts, its sweet, bitter, considered, sparse and great all at the same time.
  2. Peebles on a beach; to understand this one you need to go to Nice, France where the beach is all pebbles.  Just watch the posers trying to get out of the water, it’s so funny.  But pebbles themselves can be so endearing, I love them.
  3. Stand-up Comedy; I like stand-up pretty much no matter what (so long as it doesn’t offend too much).  My favorite, well at the moment probably Stephen K Amos, check him out! Laughing makes problems seem much more in perspective, it’s a break from the everyday stuff.
  4. Bridges, any bridge really but the really big ones are sooooooo impressive.  So seem to just defy gravity, totally mesmerizing.
  5. Citroen DS car, this has got to be a car to die for.  they aint cars really, they’re works of art on wheels.  You could put one in a gallery and it would fit right in, stunningly beautiful objects.
  6. Citroen 2CV car, now this would be my car of choice if I was allowed to pick excluding modern practicality.  Not great in the north of England but I can see myself in one in the South of France.  Comical, yes but so comfortable ton the behind.
  7. The moon, luna it may be but I find myself some evenings just sat at my bedroom window staring out at our closest neighbour.  Our lives would be so different (if we existed at all) without it.
  8. Skinny dipping, not done this for a whole lot of years now, don’t want to be accused of scaring anybody.  But if you’re young and you’re with somebody special, and its night-time, and you’re alone give it a go.  It’s just totally liberating and you never know what might happen with that special other person.
  9. Cool showers in summer, now I don’t mean the type that falls out of the sky, rain that is I mean at the end of the afternoon when you’re all hot and sticky after a day in the hot sun there aint nothing better than having a cool (not cold) shower.  Standing there under the running water a constant temperature now that is a great way to pass the time of day.  And if you have a shower big enough have the shower with somebody special, the fun just increased by a factor of 100, I guarantee!
  10. Pizza; there aint nothing better than settling down with friends, and those close to you on a Friday (or any other day) at the end of a long working week with Pizza and beer/wine, slobbing out in front of the telly watching some non-sense.
  11. Full height windows; I mean the French type, really classy!
  12. The French Connection, set in Nice, one of the prettiest city’s on earth! The last time I was in Nice I met friends from London, Paris, Israel, New Zealand & French Polynesia, totally epic.  I couldnt we could actually organise the get together, but we did. EPIC!!!!!!!

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