Some more really cool stuff

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This is another short list of stuff that I just have to share because they are just so dammed cool.

  1. Debbie Harry, I first discovered DH in 1979ish and when I saw her I knew from that moment on that I was a confirmed heterosexual no questions asked she was the hottest person that a 13/14 year old boy could wish to see. The music was/is good as well, even now 30+ years later.
  2. Gustave Klimt; any of his work is worthy of a list of this sort. Honest and decorative whilst being somehow faintly erotic. It glitters.
  3. The cafe at the National Gallery, Prague: this place servers the world’s best soup. Simple but delicious and for next to nothing, the price was unbelievable for the quality of food, service and all round atmosphere, very bohemian. Excellent is the only word that describes the experience.
  4. Night flights, especially when on long-haul. You can read, eat, drink, or just sleep all the was. If you’re going a long way, this is the best way to travel no argument to be made to the contrary.
  5. Indian trains, especially overnight. If you’re traveling on a budget, heck even if you aren’t you have do this. You can’t fail to make new friends if you go second or less class. And if you go on the night train well this is just magical, highly recommended, you have to put this experience on any to do list of any kind.
  6. Reggae music,  music for the soul. From the Wailers Stir it up lovers rock, to the Upsetters hard and tight style to Toots soulful country style its music to make you dance, to move to, sing along with, makes you happy inside, gives you sound when you’re sad. Music of emotion. I love reggae music of all kinds.
  7. Paul Weller the mod father,  the man is cool personified.
  8. Diving with shark’s, this scary but hey when you’re that scared you know you’ve alive. That’s a promise. 
  9. Wildlife, actually any wildlife because it’s all fascinating to me. But if you really want an experience you have to go on safari. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time, early starts, water, patience and understanding that you have to be lucky.  It will come to you eventually so have your camera ready to shoot, you’re gonna get some great pictures. 
  10. Israel, a list like this has to have Israel on it someplace. The whole country is totally beautiful in it’s own unique way. Jewish culture generally is really interesting but when you get to Israel you’ll find its just so diverse you’ll wonder why you haven’t been before, magical, inspiring, friendly, sunny, just a wonderful place to be. You have to feel pride for the israelis because they built a nation from next to nothing, in the face of massive adversity at a time when nobody wanted a Jew anywhere near.
  11. The Internet, I couldn’t do this if not for the Internet. But it’s not just this it’s that people can communicate right across the globe at the touch of a screen. So cool! 
  12. Wooden furniture, I’d love to be a carpenter they are just so dammed skillful it’s untrue. 

Please share your thoughts on this post, thank you in advance

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