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This list is going to be slight different from the other 3, once you’ve ready a couple of the points I’m sure you’ll get where its going, so here goes…..

  1. Maxou; Vanessa Paradis.  Now to be honest I could have chosen any of VP’s songs, She’s an absolute star! honest!  As a Brit the nearest we got to VP was probably Joe le Taxi, but really?  Brits don’t do foreign, they do Brit and American.  Well I got news for every “everybody speaks English anyway…” types, the world is a wide and varied place and this song is FAB!!!!!  VP can act too, so check-out her films.
  2. Messrine; I don’t mean the man, I mean the film.  By the way its in French, so either read the subtitles or learn to speak French.  Great film (there’s two actually), stylish, just like most French films and Vincent Cassel (he was in the Oceans series of films) is fantastic in the lead role.
  3. Paris au Printemps, that Paris in Spring; simply stunning.  As a city, its got to be the best place on earth, if you like city’s that is.  Take a trip down the river, cheesy I know but great fun all the same.
  4. The Rodin, the window looking out of the garden has to be the most romantic place in the world when the sun’s out.  Love, Love, Love the place.  The art is GREAT, the atmosphere is GREAT, just a great place to be.
  5. Wine from Bordeaux, I’ve already had this in a previous list but hey, its sooooooo good its worth a second mention.  If you’re an alcohol free type, hard luck you don’t know what you’re missing.  Bottle truth!
  6. Jose Bove, this guy’s a rebel in the true French mode.  He more or less tore down a McDonald’s to make a point about local cheese.  I’m sure there’s some dodgy politics going on behind the sceans but hey anybody, and I really mean this, anybody who can take down McDonald’s has got to special, seriously special.
  7. The French Presidential system.  This is an object lesson in how to do democracy for real.  Its more democratic that the American system and way more democratic than the British system.  In fact its damned near perfect!  One person = one vote for the President, not an electoral college, and not for a party who then choose a leader.  WOW, this is real power for the people.  And you know what else, its impossible to have a hung parlement or a coalition government.
  8. French driving; this is huge fun to watch, and read about if you’re not involved in it that is.  They have a well deserved reputation for driving like maniacs.  I think its something to do with the attitude that nothing and nobody is going to get in the way of them doing whatever it is that they’re doing which at that moment in time is the most important thing to do.
  9. Payee system.  The French quite rightly ignore skin colour, religion, sex…. once you’re French, well that’s it, you’re French.  So they have their very own version of localism, the Payee system.  It’s related to the land, food, drinks and some customs.  It’s almost underground whilst being right out in the open.  To an outsider it can be confusing but trust me on this, once you get some sort of handle on it your time in France will be 100 times better for it.
  10. Department administrative system.  This is a bit like the French attitude to being French in that everybody no matter where they live will live in a Department and will be given equal access to facilities.  So you will get the same level of governmental service if you live in Guadalupe as you would in the centre of Paris.  It just works that way.  They and you can thank Napoleon for the system.
  11. French Language; the sound of beauty.
  12. Tour de France, I’m not very sporty (this is probably the first point in this list about sport) but this is the worlds most watched single sporting event, that’s a fact, you can if you like check it out, I’m not making this up.
  13. Eiffel Tower, once you’ve seen this structure you will never forget it.
  14. Paris Metro, as a undergound, and I’ve been on quite a few, this is the absolute best by some margin.  Generally on time(ish), easy to navigate and pretty clean.

Now I know I’ve given you 14 points instead the usual 12 but over 4 lists this brings the total to a nice round 50 points.  I hope you enjoyed my take on whats cool, I might put some more really cool lists up again in the future because to be honest I could keep going for some time yet on cool stuff.

Thanks for reading.


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