Good reasons to love Bordeaux wines

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Freedom, diversity, simplicity… and much more! 

The 7 Bordeaux appellations account for 54% of the Bordeaux wine region, 63000 hectares and 5000 winegrowers, making it the world’s largest fine wine area. With such a wealth of wines, there is something for every taste and every fancy, an infinite variety of pleasures.

They are simply delicious wines.

Elegant, delicate, balanced… There’s no shortage of words to describe Bordeaux wines. They can be drunk with any meal from the simplest of country fair to the most elaborate of dishes, from the most traditional to the most exotic.

They can be drunk at any age. Bordeaux Superieur can give the best when young.  The fruity quality is a delightful experience on the palate. But they are also capable of aging for a few years to offer a more subtle bouquet.

Famous all over the world for quality, Bordeaux is now available at more than reasonable prices. They are well within the reach of everyone’s pocket.

Bordeaux reds boast a wide range of nuances and combine their qualities in a 1000 ways. But diverse as they may be they all share the same quality; the ability to express the fruit to the full.

When most people say Bordeaux they are referring to the Chateaux. But Bordeaux is so much more. Wine blended by wineries of trading houses or cooperatives can be equally excellent too. Behind the label you’ll fine wine of a consistent nature year-on-year variations in the terroir notwithstanding.

Vines that are often ancient, a minimum maturing time of 12 months, long periods in oak barrels… If you want to earn the Bordeaux Superieur Appellation you have to comply with some really strict rules designed to give an optimum expression of the terror. But the wine maker will also show off their talents too. Each bottle will contain an imprint of the maker. The wine will be a reflection of the specific expertise, personal style, each bottle will have the taste of the vintage, something quite special.

Consumed young the wines are generally eloquent, but with some patience they will reveal aromatic richness, and fruity flavors endowed with woody, leathery, spicy notes as well as plenty more. Bordeaux Superieur do not age they simply get better with time.

My advice is discover the wines, share the wine. There is no need for a special occasion or ceremony open a bottle and enjoy.



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