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The Hollande government is already under pressure (falling apart?) faced with a deficit out of control, unemployment out of control, factory closures out of control….  Who’s gonna be the French super-Mario?

To us Brits it would seem Mem Lagarde, can do no wrong, in fact she’s achieved almost saint-like status to some but speak to French living in France and she wont get a mention.  No, Its M Pascal Lamy, he runs the WTO.  Mem Lagarde may get an invite to be a member of his cabinet but I wouldn’t be holding my breath on that one.

So over the border in Italy, well yes they seem to have settled comfortably having done away with democracy.  The trains once again run on time so I’m informed and they have new best friends in Germany, I’m sure history once tried to teach us Europeans a lesson about this sort of thing but then again the EU got the Nobel Prize for Peace so no worries there then.  So what are they going to do next?  Answer, nobody actually knows.

The Italian opinion polls suggest Beppe Grillo, a comedian none-the-less so eminently well qualified for role of Head of State, Bravo!

He’s anti-just about everything but definitely the EU. He talks of a “decade long varnish of s**t” liberally applied by the previous administration.  His outbursts against the EU would make even the British Party UKIP blush I’m sure.  Italy, as he point’s out pays €12bn into the EU and gets back €9bn which appears to go to those regions under the control of the Mafia; I’m sure you get the idea!

But if Beppe ain’t the answer then who is?  Well fingers are pointing at Monti.  The Italians are going to give him a make-over topped-off with a cloak of democratic respectability.  An approach in reverse so to speak; firstly choose the candidate, secondly build some kind of democratic coalition around them.  The alternative, Berlusconi!  I think the point is made, don’t you?

And what about Britain?  Well for all manner of reasons the Brits have got themselves in a bit of tiz about the EU, a recurring theme this one.  A referendum has been promised but the Government of the day doesn’t expect that it’ll like the result so they fudge, delay, hide from it.  So Britain is a fully paid-up member of the awkward squad as far as the EU is concerned (they might as well renew their membership of the flat-earth society while they’re at it as well).  They don’t want in, but don’t want out either; un petite problem n’est pas?

In step the Yanks, and for once quite right too.  Basically they’ve told the Brits exit the EU and you become an insignificant nuisance.  Stay in, hey you remain part of the club, you can keep your place at the big table.  You have to remember that the Brits are a shade under 1% of world population and shrinking but can’t help thinking they still have an empire.  Poor mites might just realise one of these days that went some time ago.

So perhaps the way to go is abandon democracy, after all ‘all things come to an end at some time or other’ and adopt a sort of benevolent dictatorship.  EU integration, I’m sure the Asians will follow suit at some point, then go for a super world coalition, ditching the UN along the way.

World Wide Cabinet de tous les talents.


One thought on “Cabinet de tous les talents

    vickie1 said:
    January 10, 2013 at 11:46

    Have you taken a page of my book? 🙂 Another thought regarding Yanks dictating terms, what about the Scandinavian countries, specifically – Norway? Nobody seems to be pushing them into EU or threatening with “alternatives”…Don’t have to tell you size of Norway, I am sure.

    I have an awful deja vu feeling that nobody remembers The Weimar republic and why Hitler wielded power. Nobody’s looking at history lessons – repeating the same mistakes all over again.

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