Tehran Terror!

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I read with interest the comments made by US envoy to the IAEA Joseph MacManus who accused Iran of “deception, defiance and delay” and suggested that the US may push for tougher sanctions against the rogue state.  He went on to say that the US may also ask for a special inspection of Parchin, a facility that the agency suspects was used to test explosive triggers for a nuclear weapon.

The International voices critical of Tehran’s nuclear ambitions have been quite for a few months now. Probably because the international talks this last week and the interest from Tehran in the US proposals.  But the comments from MacManus were much harder edged signalling that the talk of “useful meetings” in the press was a smoke screen for the hard bargaining taking place behind the closed doors of IAEA.

Iran consistently fails to meet its international obligations or reduce fears concerning their aspirations of having a deliverable nuclear device.  In short the tactics have been to deny enrichment to deny that Tehran wants missile warhead grade material.  This is set against a long (measured in years) background of Iran hiding enrichment programs and persistently lying on the international stage about how far it has progressed.  Little wonder then that the major Western powers are losing faith in the process.

Intelligence from the US, Israel and Western Europe is clear that Iran has for some time been working towards a viable nuclear device.  But Tehran claims the evidence is faked and refuses to allow inspections, I wonder why?  Tehran goes further in blaming Yukiya Amano for Iran-related tensions and provoking other member states of IAEA to go for sanctions.

MacManus has picked-up on Tehran’s posturing, it’s expanding enrichment program and persistent deception and is plainly not convinced.  `’We are deeply concerned with what appears to be Iran’s unwavering commitment to deception defiance and delay,” he said. `’Iran … has chosen to take further provocative actions.”  He went further in suggesting more serious action would take place over the next few months.

The offer from the US, Russia, China, Britain, France & Germany is a simple one; Iran shut’s down its enrichment program and they will help in the setting up and running of Iran’s  research reactor.  This sounds like a great deal for all parties so long as all are being honest of course.



Do we believe this is going to happen? no, I don’t think so.  Iran I fear has aspirations for regional dominance.  Whilst the obvious fear is for the Israelis (and I have some concerns there) probably the real fear is the nuclear arms race between Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Iran.  Normally speaking the Israelis can look after themselves but on this one, well a preemptive strike is the only feasible way of dealing with this issue as far as I can see.  And that will be totally destabalising for the region and the world at large.

Iran, the nation that sponsors Hezbollah and Hamas, can they really be trusted?  I don’t need to answer that one really.  

The Mullahs in charge of the Iran would like nothing better than a new Caliphate to rule the world.  Israel; gone, Iraq; gone, Syria; gone, Jordan; gone, Turkey; gone… With these nations out of the way a war with Saudi Arabia would be on the cards for dominance over the Wahhabi perhaps and then an assault on Europe perhaps?

I know this sounds very dooms day but think it through, is it so unrealistic to think this could happen?

So my suggestions:

Well the Western World must impose on Iran that which is correct.  Force may be required and if used we have to be ready for casualties, it’ll be messy if we don’t deal with it sooner rather later (its already almost too late, even President Obama says Iran are about 12 months off a viable device).

I’ll leave you with one final questions;  Would you like your daughter to be educated, cared for and grow-up in an Iranian dominated world?


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