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I decided this morning to make a short but I hope to the point post.

In may experience women do not = men.



I went for a run last night and when I got part way through my run I stopped for a break and drink of water by the local park entrance where there’s a brick building used for a youth club.  I don’t have any issues with the youth having some place to go and having something to do, I used to be one myself a long time ago.  But where I do draw a line is when that place to go and those things they do essentially deconstruct any sense that they may have had in the first place.

The males in the group I stood and watched were abusively derogatory toward the females in the group.  The girls were referred to as B-atch and Ho!  The girls responded in kind, often making comments about the boys ability at sex.  Now I’m not surprised at this just that the youth center does nothing to give any kind of guidance.

Little surprise really when you listen to and watch the video’s of almost any of the pop, rap and rock music currently produced (although listen to Led Zep or ACDC et al and you get the same kind of message).  The message is clear, gang culture is celebrated, they all think they live in the hood.

The young should be cared for and allowed to experiment in decision making, but they need guidance and they need to understand about equality.

They have to learn right from the start that we all have potential, some will realize that potential and other’s wont, that just the way thing are.  The young need encouragement, a sense of  aspiration, destiny, a meaning.  What they don’t need is somebody saying its okay all the time.  Boundaries have to be set and maintained consistently and allowing this macho BS is not doing anything to improve the prospects of our youth (and this applies the world over).

The boys have gotta learn that their “sista” ain’t their enemy, she’s their sister, mother, girlfriend, and wife. 


Please share your thoughts on this post, thank you in advance

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