Gillard the Great II

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Well, well, well, JG has appointed a new cabinet and guess what?  Its all about loyalty.

Well I never, she emphasized loyalty over experience.  Actually, I think she’s just about got it right and she might (but I doubt it) pull off a shock in the September elections if she manages to keep her team on-message for the next few months.  Good luck JG, you’re gonna need it.

As for Rudd, his days must be all but over as a credible politician.  Him and his supporters mounted a campaign to oust JG and it wasn’t till 10 whole minutes before the election that he backed out.  Yes, 10 minutes!  What a prat, either don’t challenge or go through with it.  Yes the party would have split, it already is so no change there.  but 10 minutes! I ask you what did he think he was going to achieve?


Naturally JG won the election unopposed, I think she would have any way.  JG called the leadership challenge mess “appalling” in remarks Monday to reporters.  “It was an unseemly display,” she said. “Today as a government we can be united and with a sense of purpose,” she added.

The Australian Labor Party’s internal turmoil began in in the United States a year ago when Rudd quit as foreign minister while in Washington to challenge Gillard in a leadership showdown. He was trounced in that ballot by 91 votes to 31.

After last week’s fiasco, Rudd said he wouldn’t seek the Labor Party leadership again. Party leadership ballots are often seen as a solution to abysmal public polling, which suggest a Labor Party defeat at the national elections on Sept. 14.

The new Cabinet is Australia’s 6th in 3 years. JG expects the reshuffle will be her last before the elections.

Good Luck JG.




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