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The British PM David Cameron has offered up solace to the Tory right and others of similar odious opinion.  In a speech recently The PM said the NHS was a “free National Health Service, not a free International Health Service”.  The implication? Foreigners not welcome here, unless of course you’re willing to do those jobs that the British unemployed don’t want to do, and get paid a sight less than they would accept!

Not only the PM holds this view though, Nick Clegg, the Liberal Democrat who tries to tell the British public his party puts the breaks on the worst excesses of the Tories, that Nick Clegg and (I have to admit to being astonished at this one) Ed Milliband Leader of the Labour Party hold similar views.  Or so they would have us believe anyway.

But here’s the kicker; DC’s speech is being praised by the French far right as smashing the taboo of immigration.  Front National congratulated his speech made on Monday where DC announced that immigrants will be stripped of social payments if unemployed for more than 6-months unless they can prove categorically they have been looking for work and stand a genuine chance of finding one.

FN vice-president Louis Aliot said in a statement, translated by English news site France 24: “The Front National hails the speech by the British prime minister which has smashed the taboo surrounding the unsustainable cost of immigration for European nations.  At a time of mounting unemployment and widening deficits, it has become urgent to start giving priority to our own nationals in jobs, housing, social benefits and health.”

Well done Dave!


Just a bit more practice and you’ll have the salute off to a tee!

I’ve posted many time before regarding FN Leader Marine Le-Pen, she’s concerned that France will be over-run by migrants from the remnants of Libyan and Tunisian Arab Spring. DC on the other hand is concerned about the UK (he means London and the South East really) being over-run by Rumanians and Gypsies.  Needless to say, but if either or both countries actually apply the laws they already have and properly police the borders then there wont be a problem.

Migration happens, so get over it!  The problem is stopping the thugs, gangsters, trafficers, drug dealers and the like, not those people seeking gainful employment.

It is probably fair to say the British welfare system is relatively speaking generous.  But there are rules for claimants which if applied guarantee that the needy get what they need to survive in the UK.  The issue for the Brits is getting those on benefit back into work.  Inward migration generally speaking generates jobs, not displaces jobs.

On the whole migrants tend to be young and willing/wanting to work, they are just not the scroungers that DC and the FN would have us you believe.  These odious, horrible people would serve us better by concentrating on why the unemployed either don’t or cant work instead of scapegoating migrants.

I’m not suggesting a totally open door policy, far from it.  I do advocate control, policies and application of policies should (must I’d say) allow migration that brings a positive effect, and that offers protection to the vulnerable.  I don’t mean the sort of people like Abu Qatada, locked-up for years, unproductive hater of the west; his sort should be refused and sent back to Jordan in his case.  But if somebody has spent a large proportion of their wealth in getting to a place then in all likelihood they are going to want a better life and will work for it is my guess.

Never-the-less our (less than) glorious leaders want to make a point that migrants are not welcome here, they’re running scared of right wing (UKIP in the UK).  The reality thankfully will be somewhat different, I think.


One thought on “(Not) Welcome Here

    vickie1 said:
    March 27, 2013 at 13:10

    Liberal parties all over the West are blamed for the deficiencies of too much an open immigration policy. Your average Brit/Frenchman/German don’t like to be scared to walk in their cities’ centres in the middle of a night – or even day – in some cases. Liberal parties used to brash off those scares of the “native” population as gross bigotry. Until your average Yorkshire John got fed up and showed the Liberals the way out. Multi-culturism failed all: the indigenous population and immigrants (who are despised) as well. So Left-wing cannot afford to ignore this sentiment anymore if they ever dream of coming back to power. That’s my 2 cents.

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