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One of America’s, if not the worlds best known, most iconic brands is McDonald’s but the shine is coming off those golden arches.

After years of endless criticism for its record on the nutritional value of its food, sustainability of its offerings, low paid jobs and the litter that inevitably comes with a McDonald’s branch the business is now under pressure.   2011 and Subway overtook McDonald’s with the most number of outlets worldwide. And in 2012 for the first time in a decade sales volumes slumped and have yet to show any sign of recovery.

McDonald’s have promised to improve things for their customers and staff alike.  A US spokesperson said,  “we now offer more choices and variety on our menu, as well as nutrition information so customers can make the choices that are right for them,” the spokesperson added that they “most recently reinforced our commitments to sustainability in the areas of fish and coffee and we continue to offer a variety of training and professional development opportunities for employees who want to move from crew to management”.



  1. The pay gap between CEO and a crew member has doubled in the last year!
  2. The company gives away over 1.5 bn toys each year so encouraging the view that they target children with high fat low nutrition “Happy Meals”
  3. McDonald’s over-reliance on soya beans is contributing to deforestation of vital rain forests
  4. One of its franchisees has been accused of paying below minimum wage and providing sub-standard housing to student guest crew members
  5. The company had to pay out $500k to a 79 year old Stella Liebeck when she suffered 3rd degree burns from spilt coffee
  6. Reported in the Times of India, the company has been accused of using out of date Chinese chicken
  7. McDonald’s out-right refuses to assess its impact on childhood obesity
  8. During recent years McDonald’s has encouraged staff to work on public holidays; including Christmas day!
  9. McDonald’s oatmeal breakfast option, according to the New York Times is just as (un)healthy for you as the option its supposed to replace
  10. The McLobster and other such products more than regularly crash as an offering

So will the company recover?  Er, probably, but I hope not.

McDonald’s is an example of a globalized business that aims to squeeze out the local alternatives.  With a McDonald’s comes planetary destruction (okay they contribute, but you know what I mean), low paid jobs; the now famous McJob and litter, in fact loads of litter.  Add to this the obvious contempt for their Clients health and you have a company peddling disaster on a world-wide scale.


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