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A French start-up; Fabulous Brands who own “Winestar” wants to sell wine in a tin can (of all things).  Founder Cedric Segal told French daily Le Figaro on Monday “We want to become the Nespresso of wine”

Winestar plan to sell 187 ml cans of wine for €2.50 each retail price.  They will have a product range of wine in a tin can that will be AOC (Appelation d’Origine Controlee, or Controlled Designation of Origin) red, white and rose offerings and they are trying to create a market that almost doesn’t exist in France.  Although wine in a tin can does exist in both Germany and Japan but nonetheless is still almost unheard of in France (cant think why).

Canned wine sales in Japan are of the Australian variety and fly off the shelves while the German experience is around 60 million cans of wine sold per year.  So in certain markets the concept is proven.  However, AOC designation is rigorous to say the very least and its still not certain that the wine in a tin can will meet the requirements.   

But with sales of beer increasing each year to the younger end of the market canned wine might just yet appeal.  Winestar is really looking to extend the reach of canned wine you would normally buy in-flight.  For me I can see sales but in the picnic area only.  I just don’t see the French going with this one.  Wine in France comes either in a bottle (you can get half size bottles of very drinkable wine in most supermarkets) aimed at those who drink at home or on a picnic and in a box (actually in a plastic bag and a box) for those who want to buy in bulk.

I know when I buy in-flight that the wine does seem to have a sort of faint metallic flavor so I can honestly say I wont be buying at any price but I wish them well anyway.  Indeed Wine marketing specialist Galatee Faiver said she was not convinced the French would turn wholesale away from their traditional corked bottles.

The range on offer at the moment is Chateau de l’Ille from the Corbieres AOC in south-western France but they hope to grow this limited range to include wines from famous regions of Burgundy, Bordeaux and the Cotes du Rhone.

I’ll be watching this one with interest to see if the French are willing to drop their standards or if they will stick to what they know best.

Canned Wine…. No, not really!


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