Manage Office Politics to the Max

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  1. Be Professional right from the outset (don’t lapse it will bite you at some point!)
  2. You are the example so do your job well, really well! No exceptions!
  3. No back-stabbing!  But if you plan to blame someone then stitch them up really tight because blame will encourage the back-stabbers and you’re gonna be the target.  If not … admit to your mistakes…
  4. You are gonna have to know who are the movers and shakers, not the ones officially in-power but those who wield the unofficial power
  5. Really obvious one this one (but easily forgotten when the pressure is on) but… treat the office members as you would like to be treated
  6. Let those around you know what your agenda is and stay on message
  7. Team moral!  No substitute for this, great team moral is like having an extra pair of hands in the office; especially when the work is piling high and dead-lines are looming
  8. Big picture – minute detail is important, but Office Politics should always be seen through the lens of the big picture
  9. Try not to be nasty, network but don’t gossip
  10. Keep a record!  Never believe that you can trust anybody, at some point you will need a contingency, a shield, a shelter, a defence

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