HR Strategic Framework

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Organisations, any organisations for-profit & not-for-profit, service delivery, manufacturing, processing…. they are all the same.  They are a series of links, hopefully collaborative links across a range of functions such as finance, marketing, operations…


Can HR contribute?  Yes.

How?  Well here’s the strategic framework:


Business Imperatives:  time to market, cost, sales, customers, quality, innovation

Internal Customers:  who are they? what do they want? what do they get? what do they get that they don’t want?

Internal Climate:  what’s it like working here? whats the level of performance?

External Environment:  political, legal, sociological, technology


Purpose: why are we here?

Vision: an exciting view of the future

Values: how things are done


Short term, long term priorities, big projects, breakthrough objectives… What are the issues?


Performance, talent, change, operations & communications – what can HR offer by way of improvements and solutions?  Who should the plan be given too and written for?


Key process improvements:  what they are and how to do them.

Organisational Issues:  any sticking points and training requirements

The HR Function Challenges:  how competent are the team at delivery?


Who’s going to do the review? Whats actually been delivered against the plan? What’s going to happen after the review?

Did HR make a difference? Who’s going to review HR performance?

What went really well? what went okay? and what failed?

Who performed well? who didn’t? why?

What are we going to do next time?

What are we going to continue to do? and what can we stop doing?


Please share your thoughts on this post, thank you in advance

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