Lessons from Occupy

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On-line protest and business have nothing in common? Yeah?  Well I think they have more in common than either side would really like to admit to.  Kalle Lasn Advertising Executive turned environmentalist started it all with his anti-consumerist Adbusters magazine.  See #OCCUPYWALLSTREET – are you ready for a Tahrir moment?


So what are the lessons?


Motivation to achieve results; when goals and objectives are aligned to passion and personal values then motivation is at its strongest.

Listen to your Clients

When faced with a challenge then ask, ask as many stakeholders as you can possible think of to ask.  Go out and ask, you should even ask those who you think might not actually have anything to say.

Keep it simple

Your message, your product offering, your service proposition should be clear and easy to understand.  Your message must be able to fit in a Tweet.  Hashtags provide a way to put your message across while making sure its to the point!

Your Client is a person

The experiences, the services, the products you offer may standardized but you really must  speak to your client as a person, an individual.  Individual may well work in teams, work for organisations but individuals will speak for themselves.


Facilitation is the key, meetings don’t need to be Chaired, decisions should be reached through consensus.  Participation from all stakeholders brings social value added, unless organisations can show themselves to be responsive they will be seen as the enemy.


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