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What is BoxLife?

Well let me illustrate:

Get up in the morning and get in the box with wheels (car to you and me), commute to place of work and sit in a box (cubicle) with the other box in your work life to work at and communicate through (computer), hop back into the box with wheels and go home at the end of a 9+ hour day, do it all again the next day:  BoxLife!

I can honestly say that there are times when I hate it.


I’m not saying I’m not grateful for the income, I am, enormously, but come on its not an inspiring life is it?

I envy those who’ve broken free of this tread mill, the drudgery of it all.  I am at a point where I exercise a lot of command over my working life (after all I own 25% of the business I work in – but work I do).  What I think I’d like, just like so many other successful (moderately or otherwise) people, really is a more ‘tailor made’ way of working.  Flexible, work from where and when it suits.  Of course this will not be suitable to a vast majority of people, and at the moment me as well; I work in a factory and what I do means I have to interact with real people doing real things.

But nonetheless, I am working towards jumping out of my particular box (self imposed or not) and this blog is in a small part, part of the way in which I’m doing it.  My present plans remain open-ended but with a focus beginning to form, so I can predict that at some time during the next few years I’ll be making some trial jumps so to speak.

I have flexed my present circumstances to the limit for what I presently do so I’ll have to find different ways to generate income (because its a sure bet I’ll need an income).  Like many people I too have read the 4-Hour Week book.  Its a great book, entertaining and informative.  I just don’t have the same confidence in my own circumstances that I can pull it off.  I’m not afraid of the risks, there will be many, its more my responsibilities; I’m married to a woman who for certain reasons cannot work (she’s not lazy just hampered by her own circumstances) and a daughter who still lives at home.  These are people I love and care about profoundly and willingly sacrifice my own desires for their happiness.  Like I indicated, I’m not totally miserable with my life, it just needs a tweak or two to make it better and more enjoyable.

BoxLife; not bad, just not great!

I’ve pretty much learnt the dance in the rain thing, I’m now looking for a different tune and an umbrella, or better still I’d like to have a dance in the sun.


Please share your thoughts on this post, thank you in advance

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