Immigration Crackdown Stupid & Offensive

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I’ve just returned from a very short break staying with friends in Tripoli, Greece where I was made to feel extremely welcome, by friends, friends of friends and strangers alike.

I return to find that the Tory led UK Government is renting vehicles with advertising posters on the side saying  “go home, or you’ll be picked up and deported“.  The vans have been dubbed the Racist Vans & I have to agree, they are Racist!  Thankfully Vince Cable found the time to attack the policy of his Tory masters saying that his party, the Lib Dems who are in coalition with the Tories had not been told about the plan and nor would they have approved of it.  He called it Stupid & Offensive.


VC said “I think it is offensive. It is designed, apparently, to sort of create a sense of fear (in the) British population that we have a vast problem with illegal immigration. We have a problem but it’s not a vast one. It’s got to be dealt with in a measured way dealing with the underlying causes.”

To be honest I’m not convinced there really is a problem at all, but I’m willing to go with his assessment on the basis that he probably knows more than I about the subject.

VC pointed out that:

  1. An illegal immigrant cant work (legally) in Britain
  2. Cant access benefits
  3. Cant be educated
  4. Cant marry…

He also made it plain that the UK doesn’t count every person in and out but uses a sampling process; “We are not a totalitarian state. We don’t count every single person but actually it’s quite difficult being an illegal immigrant in Britain.”

The Tories are preoccupied with immigration, the targets spoken of are Tory Party targets not Government targets “This idea that you are pursuing a net immigration figure is very misleading because, among other things, the largest number of people counted as immigrants are overseas students, who are not immigrants, they are visitors but under the United Nations classification they are regarded as immigrants, but they are good for the country.

So obsessing about this net immigration number is not helpful.


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