Measure Inclusion

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If you measure diversity then you’re part way there.  Measuring inclusion is difficult by any standard so here are some ideas:

Meet with other organisations – networking by another name & you could allow bench-marking.  Please don’t hide from the data it will give you a start to the story.

Spot Checks (especially by the managers) – this will widen the number of people looking at diversity and the effects (positive or otherwise).  You could even try building inclusion into the performance management process for the managers themselves.

Performance – keep a close eye on who’s getting promoted, who gets a good performance review, who’s getting a pay rise.  But also keep an eye on the reasons and map them too.

New Start, New Leave – why are they leaving, what are they saying, are they even being asked? Is there a way to ask them?  Who’s starting and what do they bring in the way of qualities and qualifications?

What do you already know? – absenteeism, sickness, lateness, shift splits, pay scale, pre-existing skills…

Survey – ask your employees to comment.  Use a combination of open and closed questions and map the results.  You could then try a focus group with the results to see if anything comes out that might have been missed or under or over played.


Inclusion is a massive opportunity to effect positively culture change and organisational development.  Leaders who recognize this are likely to be the ones who create an environment where everyone is at their best.  The risk however, is diversity and inclusion is not measured or managed and diverse teams have a habit of fracturing. Managers must be sophisticated in their approach and management style to make sure this doesn’t happen.


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