Success through Recognition

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A vital component of success is recognizing it when it hits you, its very much part of (good, sorry great) leadership.  By recognizing a persons success you are effectively saying they have achieved, they have arrived.  You are giving the person something emotional in nature and reinforcing that bond between you the employer and them the employee.

You could, if you had the will and time formalize the recognition process by giving rewards, even if they’re only a badge to say best performer… but this too is part of the process of making those emotional bonds stronger.  The best rewards are financial but I’d always urge these to be totally results related, measurable by all.


Rewarded, emotionally attached staff who are trained and motivated to do whats right, whats required will give exceptional service.

Exceptional service = return customers! (and we all want them)


Don’t be afraid to do the daring things.  You might find that the culture needs to be redefined, engagement encouraged, people (your people) reignited, the brand reinforced.  This may mean that taking a brutal approach to ensuring the right people are on-board is one of the options you take.  If you do go down this route (I have) you’ll wind-up with groups of people:

Players – those people on-board, know what they’re doing, need no further motivation

Wannabe’s – those who need more training

Potentials – could go either way

Assassins – saboteurs

Find a way of getting rid of the assassins, things will be better once they’ve gone. The potentials, they need telling improve or you go the same way!

Get on top of succession planning.

Build strong teams, especially the one around you.  You need a small handful of potential contenders to be your replacement.  Make sure that team members buy-in to the brand, to what you’re trying to achieve, to what you’re saying.  Internal appointments to management are very important, but leave space for external hires as well.  You are going to need fresh and new ideas; not always possible from within.

Make absolutely sure that who-ever you appoint they understand and appreciate the culture; no short-cuts on this one.


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