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English: Interior The No. 2857 bus which Rosa ...
English: Interior The No. 2857 bus which Rosa Parks was riding on before she was arrested (a GM transit bus, serial number 1132).She was sitting in the 2nd row from the front, all the way to the right window (looking from the back). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A long time ago I counted myself as an Anarchist.  I marched under the banner of the black flag, considered myself to be a member of ClassWar and participated in Animal Liberation activities.  Of course I was young and idealistic but nonetheless I still hold dear the idea that;

There is no authority other than my own.

Modern anarchist’s differ little to my understanding of what anarchy actually means to those who genuinely believe it is an alternative.  Albeit I have modified my previous views to take account of the 62 million+ people presently living in Britain and how they might best live together in harmony (well at least without too much harm being done to one-another at any rate).

Anarchy is almost always incorrectly framed in the mass media.  News broadcasts of rioters (could be anywhere on the planet) are frequently referenced as anarchists. This is simply a falsehood. Some may be anarchists but many are there just for trouble and have no particular political leaning, I’d probably call them nihilists.

Anarchy simply put is about bringing about social order without the imposition of rules. A high minded ideal, yes but nonetheless achievable in small like minded groups.


However, it is my honest view that employees and business can learn;

Employees should be encouraged to think for themselves. We are all conditioned from birth that there is an authority which must be obeyed. Well those who abandon this pattern can be the source of great innovation and improvements. Encourage it!

Look around, history is littered with examples; Henry Ford, Luis Pasteur, Rosa Parks, Bill Gates and the man who invented the walkman to name just a few.

People who wish to change their world (the bit they can actually affect that is) have got to understand that they have to change themselves, change the way they think.

I’m quite certain that the loss of illusion will in some cases be quite terrifying, their minds will have to adapt, to learn to trust in their own thoughts. Never mourn the loss of chains, the only power that your boss has is the power you allow them to have. He who conquers himself is the mightiest warrior (Confucius – and he knew a thing or two).

So… I say have authority over yourself, encourage others to have authority over themselves and work together for the good of all.


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