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This weekend my Nephew got married.

His mother (who brought him up single handed for most of his 25 years) passed away on the last day of 2012 and his natural father has been mostly absent as a parent of any consequence for the same period.  My wife and I have to some extent been involved in his up-bringing since he was in nappies and he has worked for my company for the last 5 years; so we are to some extent responsible for him.

It was an enormous honor when he asked if I would stand-in for the father role and of course I accepted.

In fact I don’t have a son, but if I did my Nephew would be the perfect fit, his now wife would be the most perfect of daughters in law and their children would be an absolute delight to have as grand-children.

At the service it fell to me to give a reading from the Holy Bible; I chose the story of how Rebekah was chosen as the wife of Isaac. Although its essentially an arranged marriage it is also about how two people are a perfect fit with one-another. The analogy seemed obvious and I read the passage (which proved more lengthy than most people would have read) with great love in my heart.

The day was a great day and went much better than we could have hopped for and I am grateful to the family of my Nephews new wife who planned and paid for the days celebration.

This is a new chapter in their lives, a page has been turned and it is now their time to set the tone and pace for the next period of their lives. they should leave an baggage they may be carrying and enter into this new marriage as equals and enjoy being as one. There will be challenges, naturally, but these are the events and things that bring us together. By being at peace with your respective past’s you will make the very most of your present and future.


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