12 Years, 1 Day

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English: A wide-angle shot of Manchester Town ...
English: A wide-angle shot of Manchester Town Hall, UK. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Its a melancholy day today. 12 years and 1 day ago the world experienced an event like no other which has led to a number of armed conflicts around the world.

On a personal level the effects of that day are very difficult to verbalize. I wasn’t in New York or Washington on the day, I was at work in Manchester, UK watching the events unfold on-line. I felt then as I still do now around this time of year a sense of hopelessness, unable to stop the carnage, unable to change an idea.

Its impossible to turn-back time, to re-visit the reasons behind the actions taken on that fateful day in September 2001 or to rationalize the effects of governments since.

We move through our lives trying to make a living, get along and feeling we don’t have the power or the authority to change things on a larger scale. Of course this is an illusion we kid ourselves with daily. We must all try to reach-out to others, in all the walks of our life, professional, social and family life in an effort to (re)connect with others. We are all members of the same global community with the collective purpose of looking after the weak and helpless whilst supporting the strong and successful.

The ideas that led to the events of 12 years ago are a perversion, the people who perpetrated the events were G-dless, deluded suicidal terrorists. I do not weep for their deaths.

I hope that we can stand with our neighbor who may be very different from ourselves on common ground. I hope that we can find it within ourselves to reach out, to be charitable if not in money at least with our time. These are my hopes.

What I know is that I will try, I will make an effort and that others will too.

Will it be enough? I don’t think so but it is a start. the horror cannot last, it cannot outlast humanity. Have hope!


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