Voyager 1

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Planets of the Solar System
Planets of the Solar System (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Last Thursday (19 Sept. 2013) NASA announced its official; the spacecraft has left our solar system.

So that’s 36 years and 18.5 billion kilometers (11.5 billion miles) to get to the edge – WOW! According to NASA the craft actually left the solar system about a year ago, they just wanted to be sure and I suppose at that kind of distance and the level of knowledge we have that’s a reasonable margin for error. There isn’t a clear boundary, just that the craft exited the plasma bubble that surround the solar system and that they say is the edge.

Right, so we’re on a new journey now, into the truly unknown of open space. The craft will encounter (so we are told) exotic particles and other phenomena – this sounds just a tad fuzzy to me but I guess they don’t honestly know whats beyond the edge and this is the best way of finding out what some of it might be. No more guess work and speculation, this will be the proof, well the proof of what the craft comes across that is.

Surprisingly the craft carries recordings of greetings in a number of earth languages as well as photos and songs on the basis that ET might pick it up and know how to access the information therein. Well I suppose its possible.

Amazingly just as the craft was about to leave the solar system there was a solar blast which echoed back off the edge of the solar system. This was the sign that the craft had reached the edge. Coincidence or divine indication? Seems to be just a perfect coincidence to me that it happened just so; right time, right place so to speak. The earth bound scientists took just 10 seconds to realize what was happening, clever people those folks.

I’m quite certain that what they find, even if its nothing at all will be fascinating. Voyager 2 is chasing behind at about 3.2 billion kilometers (2 billion miles) behind or about 3 years and should if the scientists are right prove them correct by sending back similar information about its environment.

A new dawn awaits us I think, it will be honestly totally fascinating to see what comes from these two space craft.


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