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The Human Condition (album)
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I think its probably fair to say that we all have goals in life, be that career, personal, social, fitness, enjoyment, relaxation… you get the picture. We all of us some how or other set ourselves targets to achieve, its just the human condition I suppose.

Some of these goals might be long-term and high expectation goals; like achieving a degree standard education for example or achieving a very high salary income for another example. Of course these are perfectly valid goals and to achieve them you have to be focused on them for quite some time, I know this from experience. You might also have short-term goals such as wanting to get a document written, read and posted before the end of the working day. Short-term goals tend to be quite specific and aimed at a time-frame with a definite go/no-go outcomes.

But what about the endless possibilities that might pass you by? What about these, how do they fit with your plan? Do you make room for them? Do you even consider them at all?

Well let me tell you, no matter how tightly we cling to our defined goals (for they give us safety of purpose), long or short-term the universe is too vast to let us just plan and achieve. There’s way too much other stuff going on that will change, influence or just plain get in the way of these very defined goals. As the saying goes you have to roll with the punches. Life has a way of sneaking-up on us and giving what it wants to. In reality this is so much more than our defined, targeted goals!

Each of us has our own idea of what perfection looks like, but looking for the perfect thing often keeps us from the many imperfect things that would make us perfectly happy.

Obsession with goal achievement is damaging to out being, its gets in the way of us learning how to deal with uncertainty. Instead of being stuck inside our limited desires, we can step into the limitless abundance of all that is waiting for us.

I’m not suggesting for one moment in letting go completely and having no goals at all, I’m suggesting loosening-up a bit and seeing what might come in your direction, what the great unknown might just deliver to your advantage. By having goals and tempering them with uncertainty means life has many possibilities, much to offer.


3 thoughts on “Plan v Drift

    Caroline said:
    October 9, 2013 at 02:03

    What an interesting way to look at it. I think in the sense of happiness, this is very valid. If you look at different age groups as a whole, I think it is pretty safe to say that children are the happiest. A lot of this will have to do with the fact that they haven’t been exposed/refined to the every day stresses of an adult, but does that include goal setting? Children don’t consciously make goals. Parents may make them for them and then it is taught when they go to school, but generally they take it as it comes, with being happy ultimately being their goal.

    Thanks for putting this view into my sights. Food for thought in my quest of self discovery.

    Caroline said:
    October 9, 2013 at 02:06

    Reblogged this on Readings by Caroline and commented:
    As you all know, I have been writing my “Discovering Me” series, and the last one was about management and goal settings. I was lead to this blog, which brings up some valid points. I thought I’d share it before I type up today’s post and I’ll address my thoughts regarding this one when I do.

    pdinspire responded:
    October 9, 2013 at 10:33

    Very kind of you indeed for the re-blog.

    My biggest passion in life is to travel and meet people, the more different the better actually. I haven’t been on a package or organised holiday for over 20 years and haven’t regretted my experiences ever. I’ve been held a knife point in Morocco, had stones thrown at me in Rama-la (Israel) and been searched a few times in Delhi, London & Beijing but nonetheless don’t regret any of it. The point is this; when travelling you always set out with some sort of a plan, a destination in mind and a list of things to do and see. The events that happen can make life difficult (really difficult some times) but plans can always be modified and experiences had.

    Take for instance the stone throwing; I was in Rama-la for a meal with friends of friends (Ultra-Orthodox Jews) with the intention of being back in Jerusalem later that day so I could go out for the night. The IDF people who helped to protect my wife and I were very helpful indeed and actually we stayed later with a couple of them at a meal with some local Arab people. I still had a night out but the experience was simple outstanding – great food, great company and great music. I’ll never know if the night out in Jerusalem would ever have been as entertaining but I’m willing to guess not.

    From a management perspective, I’m very keen on the virtues of Plan, Do, Check, Act but would never countenance ignoring emergent strategy.


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