Your’s, Mine & Their Soul

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One of the most powerful and positive ways to remove negative energy from your life is to let go of negative thoughts about yourself. We all have things we want to, would like to, and need to improve upon, but our soul is our highest priority.

Our soul is a perfect part of us, we can call upon it anytime and anywhere to tell us if we are doing good, doing okay or doing not so well. Simply being aware of this can connect you to the Flawlessness of the Universe.

Some might think this is a G-d kind of thing, but honestly it isn’t, or rather it doesn’t have to be. There are those of us who simply don’t believe in a soul and that’s okay. The important thing is to make sure you judge your own ‘rights and wrongs’ and act according to your conscience. And when you are doing this simple action of working out where you are on the scale of good and bad or right and wrong you should aim to be on the good/right side of things.

Don’t do those bad and wrong things, let go of those negative thoughts you will feel better about you, about those who affect you and those you affect and you will feel better about your life. The physicality of things doesn’t matter.

There are plenty of ways of releasing this negative energy; meditation, yoga, exercise, charity or just plain being happy, they all work. The important thing is the release of the negative end the embrace of the positive.

If we all try just a little bit to move along the scale toward good/right then I’m quite certain that the problems faced each and every day by you, me and every body else will be just a bit easier to solve.


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