How to deal with Anger

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Do not be easy to anger

Anger is one of those feelings that should be condemned under normal circumstances, it makes a person tend toward irrationality; things said or done in anger will normally be regretted later. They tend to be destructive both for the person who has caused the anger and for the person who is angry. It is said that someone who gets angry is like one who worships idols. Anger can cause a person to lose their wisdom, or a person destined for greatness to forfeit their future.

There are those who suffer from a “short fuse”, a lack of patience.  These people are often found to be easily irritated, to blow-up over small things, their anger is a chronic condition. Everybody gets angry from time to time, this is natural of course, but those who suffer chronic anger are limited in their potential.

Dealing with Anger and angry people is a challenge unquestionably, but the results of efforts to avoid anger and situations that bring about anger can be well rewarded. Life outlooks and relationships can have much greater fulfillment.

So how to deal with anger?

A simple recommendation is to get the angry person to wait.

The traits of anger and pride are linked and the first step in dealing with both is to wait. Don’t express the anger or pride verbally, in this way emotions will not gain momentum building to regretful actions. This is not a new idea, as a boy I was told by my teachers to “count to 10” and “take a deep breath” both of which are forms of waiting, of finding something to stop immediate action providing a space for calmness, consideration and reflection.

Another recommendation is to ask yourself who might be watching?

Some will undoubted choose someone close to them as as the person by which they might measure themselves and others might choose a being such as G-d. Either way the question to ask yourself is simple; Would I do or say the things I’m contemplating if this person were here with me and would I be comfortable with them watching, would they agree with my proposed actions and saying? Of course if the answer to these questions is yes, then go on, be angry, get it off your chest, vent. Although if the answer is no, which often it will be then you need a different course.

Remember the consequences of your actions.

This is a very practical and easy bit of advice to follow, if fact it would be difficult not to remember, especially if you had done something terrible. If you hurt a persons feeling, even out of anger you should consider apologizing in person and ask for forgiveness for hurting their feelings. The purpose of this advice is to ready a person to apologize which is not an easy thing to do and will weaken the tendency to anger.

Finally remember who’s in charge.

Though the person who is harming you, or cursing you or harming your wealth it is you that is in charge of how you respond. The other person is free-willed but so are you, you are the master of your actions and if you try you are the master of your emotions. Making this concept a part of your being, who you are, the way you think is the work of a life-time.

I give you this advice and wish you well with not being angry.


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      Thanks for the re-blog, much appreciated.

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    October 25, 2013 at 14:32

    Excellent Article.

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      I’m glad you like it, most of it is common sense really so I cant lay claim to too much praise. Thanks for reading and appreciating.

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