About PDinspire

PDinspire is a blog by me; Philip Dawson.


Its a personal blog in so far that I express opinions that are my own, although from time-to-time I might re-blog others work, especially when I am inspired.

PD inspire is all about what inspires me, what I find to be awesome!  Its about day-to-day things, historical things, personal (although not too personal) things, its about people, places and events, politics, art, music and just stuff I really find interesting.  I love France, Israel, Europe, cycling, wine, food and the company of good friends.  I love to travel, but not 5-star, I much prefer 0-star that way you get under the skin of the place you are in. Independent travel is a passion, always has been since I got my first passport in my mid-teens.

The biggest, very biggest aspiration I can think of is peace.  I’m an advocate for self determination, for local-ism but I support wholly the European project.  But by peace I mean a trusting peace where each can live according to their own ways, no imposing or threatening to impose up on others a different way.

I love life and hate intolerance wherever it shows its face.

So this is my blog about what inspires me and I hope can inspire others.


Please share your thoughts on this post, thank you in advance

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